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THE MAGICAL UNIVERSE OF THE ANCIENTS: A Desert Journal is now available for purchase. Although we had anticipated a book tour around the Four Corners area, as well as into Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, our plans are on hold due to the pandemic. If the curve flattens in all those states, we may head out. Stay tuned!!


BUY NOW: Go to CONTACT page! 


ANNOUNCEMENT! Tune into a Livestream presentation by Julie Weston and Gerry Morrison about their new coffee table book, The Magical Universe of the Ancients: A Desert Journal at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, August 25. We'll be at The Community Library in Ketchum. If you've been to Four Corners in the Southwest, or if you want to go there, you'll be interested in our journey and photographs!



Here are a few teaser photographs to whet your appetite for the book:


Big Man Panel
The Gossips
Polly's Face